Charcoal BBQs

Experience the thrill of the grill in your own home whether you’re a novice or well-seasoned charcoal master.


Hybrid BBQ & Smoker

The best of both worlds whether you're looking for a quick sear or a slow burn. Our Gravity Series® does it all.

A man moves seared steaks from the grill of a Gravity Series 1050 to a cutting board placed securely on the grill's side shelf
  • Versatility

    Smoke & Sear.

    Reaches 110 °C in as little as 7 minutes for low + slow or 370 °C in 15 minutes for high heat searing.

  • Innovation

    GravityFed™ Charcoal Hopper

    Holds up to 8, 10 or 15 hours of fuel using lumpwood or briquette charcoal.

  • Convenience

    DigitalFan™ Control

    With the push of a button, the digitally controlled fan moves air flow from the hopper to the cooking chamber and maintains the desired cooking temperature.

Durability & Performance

Gravity Series XT Digital Charcoal BBQ and Smoker

Crafted with Extra-Tough materials and finishes, the Gravity Series XT Charcoal BBQ and Smoker is built to last and engineered for optimal performance.

AutoIgnite™ Series

The Flavor of Charcoal with the Convenience of Gas

Experience the flavor of charcoal with the convenience of gas at the push of a button with the Masterbuilt AutoIgnite™ Series 545 Digital Charcoal BBQ and Smoker.

An open AutoIgnite Grill and Smoker. Cheeseburgers and sausages grill on the main cooking grate. 2 hamburger buns toast on the warming rack, and 2 skewers rest on the QuickSear hopper cast iron griddle plate. A wooden cutting board with lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, and grilled sliced onions is on the left side shelf.

Portable Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal On-The-Go

The Masterbuilt® Portable Charcoal BBQ and Smoker provides the unmatched flavour of charcoal with the ease of a gas grill on the go.